Smoking-Related Diseases

Smoking is one of the major sources of most serious health problems nowadays. Some of these health problems are even fatal. Generally, smokers do not get old because they die at younger age. Smoking can bring hazardous effects to our health and that is very true. Such effects can result to various smoking-related diseases with complications in most cases. As we get along this article, we will discuss more of these diseases and its effects to people’s health.

Millions of people all over the world are getting addicted to smoking. There are various reasons why people are smoking. Some people had started smoking since their young age due to curiosity and peer pressure. As a result, they get addicted to nicotine of the cigarettes. Some people resort to smoking as a relief from stress while some with low self-esteem also see smoking as way to boost up themselves.

One serious health problem that may result from smoking is respiratory infections. Such disease is complicated with colds and coughs. This can be fatal eventually if not treated immediately. Other dreadful diseases that may result from smoking can be related to lungs, cardiovascular, heart, and cancer. The pancreas, liver, and kidneys may also be affected with complications from smoking.

Cancer is an alarming disease that smokers should be aware of because they are at high risk of acquiring it. This is because of the carcinogens like tar that is present in the tobacco. If taken excessively, it could lead to cancer of the gullet, throat, mouth and lungs. The mouth cancer is the most common type of cancer among smokers, which normally occur on the person’s underneath tongue or on the lips. Today, about 90% of the cancer cases all over the world is developed from smoking. Among these types are the following:

– Pancreatic Cancer
– Bladder Cancer
– Oral Cavity Cancer
– Esophagus Cancer
– Pharynx Cancer
– Lung Cancer
– Kidney Cancer
– Stomach Cancer
– Acute Myeloid Leukemia
– Larynx Cancer
There is one fact that ex-smokers need 15 years of smoke-free situation before they are cleared up from developing cancer disease.