Know the Facts about Tired Eyes

The role of the eyes is very important in our daily lives as humans. Without vision, we get limited to many functions and activities. We are also hindered to many roles and actions even to the simplest ones. Because of these, people who have no vision often get frustrated and depressed because of the condition. That is why we need to know how to take care of our eyes especially when they are tired. Just like our overall body, our eyes also need pampering and relaxation. Let’s learn more of the various facts of tired eyes as we go along the article.

Cucumbers are said to give pamper and relaxation to our eyes. This is because of its cooling properties, which reduce the size of blood vessels, thus decreasing the puffiness of the eyes. You can do this remedy at the comfort of your home or in any beauty salons in your area. Just have a slice of cucumber on each of your eye then lie down on your couch and relax. When the cucumber slice already absorbs the temperature of your body, you can replace it with another slice.

One factor that makes our eyes tired is stressful lifestyle like using computers and other portable gadgets every day. Also, the tension of fatigue and stress from every day work and routines contribute a lot to tired eyes. Of course, since we cannot avoid the usage of these things, the best thing to do is to give your eyes a well-deserved rest. In this way, your eyes can live longer and healthier. Common signs of tired eyes are puffiness around the eyes, and the heaviness feeling in the head and eyes.

Genetics is also a factor that makes our eyes tired. If you have this case, it could give your eyes discoloration, swelling or puffiness. And also as you age, your eye muscles get thinned and sagged.

The habit of staring the computer screen constantly is very bad for our eyes. Especially when you blink for just a second after a period of time of staring at the computer screen. This simple action could cause your eyes to get stressed. Watching television screen for long hours can also strain our eyes so it is important to give your eyes some rest.