Causes of High Blood Pressure in Men and Women

Various factors can cause high blood pressure in men and women. We just have to know the preventive measures that can we can apply when the need arises. High blood pressures is one of the primary causes of heart attack and heart diseases in men and women. It is life threatening if not seriously cared of. Scientifically, blood pressure is the increasing pressure on the walls of arteries. Drastically, blood pressure can increase, which can be very alarming. Such condition is called as high blood pressure or hypertension. To avoid this condition from happening, you just have to maintain a normal level of blood pressure.

High blood pressure is more common in men than in women. Its risks increases as the person ages, however factors like improper eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle can make men even more at risk to high blood pressure condition. As the blood pressure elevates, the heart needs to work harder to pump blood in order to supply blood effectively to different parts of the body. If the heart cannot perform the pumping anymore then heart attack happens.

Genetics is one uncontrollable factor that causes high blood pressure in men. If a man has the hereditary condition, he should know how to take care well of his health and overall being. In this way, he can prolong any problems that may arise eventually. Obesity is another factor and regarded as the biggest contributor to high blood pressure in men. Lack of physical activity can result to this factor. Once a man’s body is contained with high levels of fat, it could compressed the flow of blood in the arteries, thus resulting to high blood pressure.

Excessive consumption of salt or sodium contributes to the condition of high blood pressure in men. It could elevate the level of blood pressure in the body. Junk and processed foods have huge amount of salt content, which could be more than what your body needs. As men grows older, occurrence of hardening of arteries is likely to happen. With this, the arteries are less flexible and blood difficultly pass through them. To treat this, you need to see a doctor for prescribe medication.

Unmanageable stress and too much worrying on problems are also causes of high blood pressure in men. Other conditions like adrenal glands, thyroid, and kidney diseases can likewise contribute to the condition. Alcohol and smoking are two vices that must be avoid by men to prevent the condition of high blood pressure.